Vaginal or Fecal Contamination Which Contributes to Parasite Existence in Urine Sediment

Forman Erwin Siagian *

Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aims: intended to deepen our knowledge to date regarding parasites that might found in urine sediment as consequences of vaginal or fecal contamination during voiding

Discussion: Urine in the bladder is a sterile waste product composed of water soluble nitrogen products. But during voiding, the passage of the urine through lower/outer portion of the urinary tract might come across normal microbiota which function in maintaining the urothelial integrity and preventing urinary tract infection (UTI), as well as promoting local immune function. Parasites and parasitic ova may be seen in urinary sediments as a result of fecal or vaginal contamination. Identification of parasites in centrifuged deposits of urine sediment is a relatively rare occurrence in clinical practice but still must be considered carefully, whether as a consequence of contamination or definite causes of infection. Two of the common parasite found in urine sediment are Trichomonas vaginalis and Enterobius vermicularis.  Urine collection procedure must be explained briefly to the patient along with appropriate informed consent prior obtaining the sample.

Conclusion: The possibility of parasites being found in urine sediment remain to happen. An in-depth analysis needs to be carried out to determine whether this occurs due to vaginal or rectal contamination or whether it is due to a definitive infection occurring in the urinary tract.

Keywords: Trichomonas vaginalis, enterobius vermicularis, centrifugation, contact, urinalysis, non-pathognomonic

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