Sero-Epidemiological Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Infection among Apparently Healthy Young Adults in Omuaran-Community

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James A. Ndako
Stephen Ojo
Victor T. Dojumo
Victor O. Fajobi
Ilochi Ifeanyi
Jeremiah A. Akinwumi
Charity O. Akor


Hepatitis B (HBV) infection is an important public health concern all over the globe. As a result of its asymptomatic nature, its prevalence among apparently healthy individuals becomes relevant for studies. Hence the prevalence survey of hepatitis B virus was conducted among apparently healthy young individuals. A total of two hundred samples were screened from volunteer subjects for Hepatitis B surface Antigen (HBsAg), using the one step immune-chromatographic test strip manufactured by Dia Spot® Diagnostics. Questionnaires were administered to obtain relevant information and demographic data. Overall result showed that 11 (5.5%) of the subjects tested were found to be positive. The highest prevalence was found among subjects aged 22-26 years with 7.8% prevalence compared to those aged 12-21 years with 4.4% prevalence (P=0.1012); (p˃0.05). Based on demographic factors, female workers tend to demonstrate high positivity of 12.5% compared to male with 10.0% prevalence, (P=0.4929); (p˃0.05). Subjects involved with risky behavioral pattern by the use of unsterilized objects recorded a high prevalence of 5.3%, (P=0.5748); (p˃0.05) among female subjects. Serum Alanine amino-tranferases result showed no significant difference among the positive subjects. The results showed some measure of prevalence among the study population. It therefore becomes pertinent that the community be enlightened on the possible risk of infection by the virus. Efforts should be made to ensure vaccination against this infectious agent is intensified.

Epidemiological, hepatitis B virus, assay, infection, young-adults.

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Ndako, J. A., Ojo, S., Dojumo, V. T., Fajobi, V. O., Ifeanyi, I., Akinwumi, J. A., & Akor, C. O. (2020). Sero-Epidemiological Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Infection among Apparently Healthy Young Adults in Omuaran-Community. International Journal of Pathogen Research, 4(4), 31-38.
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